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Paving of Brookcrest Subdivision in Stafford County, VA

Paving of Brookcrest Subdivision in
Stafford County, VA

One of the most important ways to attract and maintain tenants in an Office Building or a Residential Community is to maintain the property’s exterior curb appeal. A property’s roads and parking lots are the first impression a potential customer has. Many times potential customers do “drive by’s” of a place they think they may want to be. If the parking lot has potholes, fading lines and is filled with cracks it can give the impression that the entire property is not well maintained. In this scenario, most properties don’t even know of the potential customers they are losing because potential customers drive by and never call. Unfortunately, a property can have the best floor plans, the most updated facilities and the most reasonable rates, but if the customer fails to see beyond the first impression a good customer can be lost.

Preventative maintenance is the key to success. Gator Paving has many years of experience in making the most of your curb appeal dollars. We can work within your budget and provide you with a Strategic Maintenance Plan to keep ahead of the enormous cost of parking lot replacement.

Gator Paving can help you catch defects in a timely manner and prepare a 1-5 year maintenance plan that works within your budget. With accurate planning and careful scheduling we can minimize the cost of asphalt repairs, schedule and complete the work with minimal interruptions to your facility and provide you a reasonable price that fits within your budget constraints. By taking proactive action to maintain parking lots, facility managers reduce the time spent reacting to accidents or liabilities after the damage has occurred.

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