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Summer Lake Homeowners Association Fredericksburg, VA

Summer Lake Homeowners Association
Fredericksburg, VA

There is definitely a special place in heaven for those individuals who take on the task of being a Homeowner Association President and/ or a board member of an Association. Many times these individuals have full time jobs and try to pitch in and help their community retain its value by performing numerous tasks. One of these tasks that always seem to be the most difficult and the most costly are the maintenance of the roads and parking lots. Everyone is concerned about community appearance, everyone wants the pavement in front of their house to look it best and there is only so much capital to go around. That is why maintenance and careful planning is the key to success.

Whatever condition your asphalt is in now we can help. We have often come to board meetings to explain different options to residents as well as the board members to ease the pressure of having one person on the board become an expert in every field. These work sessions are very helpful. It helps everyone understand the process of maintenance and how much capital must be set aside to do repairs.

We can put you in contact with other Associations who have embarked on the same tasks and how they have managed their projects. Please ask about our FREE Asphalt Evaluation and Strategic Plan Guide.

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