Asphalt Rejuvenation

With government agencies everywhere facing tight budgets and fraying infrastructures, Reclamite® offers vital assistance when it comes to asphalt preservation with rejuvenation.

Formulated from the same light oils and resins that are the volatile fractions of asphalt, Reclamite® provides a simple, one-step early method for asphalt preservation by restoring plasticity and durability of the asphalt binder.

Before Asphalt Rejuvenation by Gator Paving


During Asphalt Rejuvenation by Gator Paving


After Asphalt Rejuvenation by Gator Paving


Newer Pavements

Used on newly constructed pavements, it will improve the durability characteristics of the asphalt mix by replacing volatile components lost to the heat of production while providing an in-depth seal to reduce permeability.

Older Pavements

On older pavements, Reclamite® will reverse the effects of aging due to environmental damage from sunlight and water intrusion by again volatile component replacement.

Left untreated asphalt pavement will ravel, develop potholes, alligator cracks and will eventually require total replacement. Reclamite will rejuvenate asphalt pavement to a near new
condition by maintaining and restoring the balance of asphaltenes and maltenes required to keep the pavement pliable and self-healing.

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The rejuvenation product is applied and allowed to soak in which takes approximately 15- 45 minutes. Accomodations can be made so the road is open to traffic at all times. In this scenario, both inside lanes were sprayed first. Once the product penetrated the asphalt, a light layer of sand was applied for skid resistance. Cars can then drive on the sanded lanes. Once this was done, the outside lanes were sprayed and again the sand was applied. The sand is then swept up with a street cleaner.

How it works

Reclamite stops pavement deterioration where it begins, at the top. Asphalt cement is made up of asphaltenes and maltenes to provide the physical characteristics needed for a good asphalt pavement. Weather and Ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the maltene fraction of the asphalt causing the pavement to become dry and brittle. The resulting loss of aggregate, cracking and moisture intrusion furthers pavement deterioration that eventually, without intervention, will lead to total pavement failure. Pavements exhibiting early signs of aging (minor hairline cracking, moderate raveling, and pitting) are excellent candidates for Reclamite Preservative Seal treatment.

Reclamite Preservative Seal will seal out moisture and rejuvenate the asphalt to help maintain the pavement in a near new condition by restoring the asphaltenes and maltenes balance. Asphalt pavement becomes pliable again as the Reclamite fluxes with the asphalt cement, healing minor cracking and restoring the aggregate/asphalt bond. Reclamite Preservative Seal will preserve an asphalt pavement at one-half to one-third the cost of other conventional

Reclamite is a spray-on application typically diluted one or two parts Reclamite to one part water. The rate and proportions may vary according to pavement absorption and application needs.

In critical areas such as airfields, a core sample can be taken for lab analysis to determine pavement absorption. Reclamite will penetrate down from the surface (the major area of damage) with depth depending on the application rate and the surface porosity. Normally a treatment will last for 3-5 years before another application is required.

A small amount of sand is applied, after the Reclamite has had time to be absorbed, to
address skid resistance.

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